Thoughts On Being Purple

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I asked him if he had many clients who requested wild colors. His soft chuckle was my answer.

Years ago we had entered into this pact, he and I. Every 12 weeks he put the shades of purple, lavender, and plum into my hair and so transformed me.

The thing is — the change is not just external — I believe that maybe, perhaps — I have always been Purple.

That maybe, perhaps — it has taken me nearly 60 years to sort out who I was on the inside and allow myself the freedom to express Her in all Her Truth to the outside.

That maybe, perhaps — the more I lean into Real Ann and let Her Spirit out — the easier living My Life becomes.

It is harder to be invisible when you are Purple.

It is harder to be walked on/over/through when you are Purple.

It is easier to be whimsical when you are Purple.

It is easier to be fun when you are Purple.

You can be unique. You can be assured you are one of a kind. You are not just any Nana or Mom or Witch.

People stare and smile at you when you are Purple. They talk to you randomly and tell you — You’re beautiful and brave.

They ask you to tell them the story of How You Became Purple.

Women of Other Colors — They are Your Sisters. A Pink One, A Teal One, A Green One. A Red One. The Family — Mother/Daughter/Daughter with Mermaid Colors. We recognize each other and smile. A Coven of Colors. Rainbows walking the Earth.

You are a Purple One. The Purple One.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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