This was a great piece! Anyone who has ever kept a spare coin jar (mine is a tequila bottle BTW) knows that pennies add up. I'm happy that each month I'm in the black because Medium is paying me more to write my stuff here than they are charging me to be a member. You can't get that kind of a balance sheet on a personal web page.

BTW - if anyone wants to reboot their old stories - there's a publication called Recycled where you can re-publish old pieces. A lot of my old stuff isn't even behind the paywall because I wrote for over a year before I joined the Partner Program. I'm the editor of Recycled & if anyone wants to submit their stuff - just let me know and I'll share Medium's rules about all that.

Have a great day! And thanks for this - I laughed out loud reading it. More than once! ;)

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned