This is wonderful!!! For a few years after my divorce I would buy myself market flowers for my dining room table, because I enjoyed them. Not roses, but the pop of color and beauty in my home. Eventually my granddaughters sent me a planter with a bunch of plants one Mother’s day & it included an African Violet. Now the African Violet sits happily on the table and I haven’t bought flowers in years.

But your story reminded me that I loved those flowers more than the ones anyone brought me. They came without strings and I bought for myself simply for the JOY of getting what I wanted.

There is a peace in knowing you can provide these things for yourself. You don’t have to wait for another human to give them to you. We are special just as we are & we can certainly treat ourselves with love and kindness and gift ourselves things which remind us how important and special we are.

May your ring always remind you of how far you have come in your life! May you wear it and feel self-Love and self-care! May you have a most blessed Holiday ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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