This Is Not A Test…

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Life is hard. Or at least it is at times. There are interpersonal issues, financial disasters, health concerns…I could go on…but we all know what demons roam our minds and steal our peace.

The trials of our lives are often seen as being sent by a testing diety. Some sort of divine curse or blessing in disguise to burn off our evil natures…blah blah blah. I sincerely doubt it. But then, I don’t believe in hell either — that’s just me.

I believe in Life. And Life simply is. It is a beautiful echo of whatever we put out into the world.

There will be times and people you sorely wish you can walk away from. A future perhaps you think you can foresee which will only bring you pain. A past that haunts you every moment. But that is not Life.

Those things are your thoughts. Your perceptions of Life. Life simply is.

Life happens in this moment of time we all share — and then moves swiftly onto the next one and then the next. How you spend your moments will be how you spend your life.

Do you spend your moments in pain and regret? In anxiety or anger? Can you let go of what you think you need to feel in order to feel the love and gratitude of all the true blessings in your Life?

The people who care about you. The health of your body and mind. The peace and safety that surrounds you. The material gifts in your day to day existence.

The word for God in Hebrew is Yaweh — roughly translated to “I AM”. Not “I Was” or “I Will Be”. The Divine in us lives in The Now. With us in every moment. Loves us in every moment.

Life is not an exam to pass or fail. It is a journey to embrace. The answer isn’t at the destination, it’s in the memories and connections we make along the way. The journey if you will.

It never was about the answers — it’s always been about the questions.




Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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Ann Litts

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned