This brought back memories of my own mom who played Bing — Dean Martin — Frank Sinatra & several others. Crooners all! I adore music of all ilk. Metal to classical to blues and back again. Throw in some Punk and a bit of country — I’m in heaven. Live and loud! Yes — I’ve lost some hearing because I’ve stood in front of more speakers at more concerts than I can count. Feeling the music.

As an aside — I once dated a man who had a devastating stroke early in his 40s. The neurologist told him what saved his life and helped him through rehab to a full recovery was the fact he had played in marching band in high school and college. Interestingly — playing a musical instrument (right brain) while moving in space linearly (left brain) builds super highways between the two sides of our brains. According to this man’s neurologist after his stoke — he had these super highways in place most of us wouldn’t have had. He simply needed to construct an on ramp to recover. The rest of us might never have been able to recover — since we wouldn’t have had the underlying superstructure a band geek had. I found that completely amazing.

Music is magic.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned