All. The. Things.

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Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol wrote a great piece about being 65 — and Life Lists. Not a “Bucket” list — but a “What’s already IN the bucket” list. She reached out and asked a few of us to ponder Life as we know it and share a few bits and pieces.

What makes a Life? What has made Your Life?

There are seven Humans on this planet that mean more to me than I can even express. Five of them share my DNA — the other two are married to Humans who share my DNA. They are Family. Those seven souls. Their existence is my sole purpose on Planet Earth. Everything else has been a bonus.

Nothing that follows even remotely holds a candle to My Family. The one I built — not the one that birthed me.

There are other Humans I love and adore, of course. Some of you are reading my words right now. You know who you are — if I say “Tarp” — you say “Shovel”. And we bury the bodies together. The past missteps — the pain — the lessons repeated over and over. You were all there for All. The. Things. You held my pieces together and handed me the glue when I couldn’t hold it together on my own.

Health. Even with a chronic health condition — I have been given the care, the knowledge, the resources, the opportunity to be “Well” — even through my bouts of illness — She was always there. With me. Reminding me to pause and breathe. Slowing me down. Sitting shiva with me.

My Life has been full of laughter, love, music, theater, joy, motorcycle rides, and quiet beaches. I’ve had a long career I have alternatively loved and hated — sometimes in the same shift. I’ve traveled; only to return to my very comfortable home. I have been blessed with a very very good therapist, excellent yoga instructors, and meditation teachers. All adding to My Cup — until it flows out into the world.

Through the hard lessons, the grief, the losses, the pain I’ve had in My Life — The Universe — compassionate and kind — always has had my back. My Faith in Her is vast. She blesses me over and over — abundantly so.

Do I have things left to do yet? I believe so. But I am not reaching for any particular place/thing — I have learned instead to let go. And allow what needs to arrive in My Life space to land.

Invariably — the blessings always arrive. Right on time.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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