These people saved my life after my mother died. My father did not know how to parent and my sisters were busy with families of their own. My mother’s family did not get along well with my father — he did not make it easy for them to keep in touch with me. But his one sister had promised my mother when she was dying that she would look out for me — in spite of my father. And she did her best with the tools she had. Her grandchildren are these people. I lived for the times they would come to town to visit. The Universe blessed me with them many times over.

I choose to remember them and the other kind people who came into my world and helped me. I choose to forgive my father for the skills he never possessed. And also my mother for dying. But it took a lot of time on a therapist’s couch to get to this place. To choose the good parts and to hold the hard parts with tenderness and forgiveness.

May you have the peace to do just that — separate your family of origin from the family you are building. May you be able to give the love you never recieved. May you become the parent/grand parent you always wished you had. May you be surrounded by love and filled with joy all the days of your life.

Many blessings dear one. This path is not easy — may you walk it gently. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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