Choose your echo

What kind of vibe are you putting out today?

I know it’s not easy. Businesses are temporarily shutting down. Humans are getting laid off. The stock market is a complete fucking mess. And there’s that one asshole holdout in the Senate who’s still playing politics.

There are a hundred reasons to find fear, anger, dismay, frustration — All. The. Things.

Have I mentioned Life is an echo? You will find just exactly what you seek. Whatever you put out into The Universe will come back to you.

You want Love — Be Love.

You want Hope — Be Hope.

You want Peace — Be Peace.

You want Courage — Be Brave.

Claim your echo. Let no one dissuade you from Your Truth.

And then stop listening to the Humans who don’t remember who we are as a community. Stop listening to the Humans whose greatest pleasure was to divide us into groups and clicks and turn us against each other.

Start remembering there is no “Other” in the foxholes. Start remembering the days we had each other’s backs. Start remembering Those Days.

Because These Days need to become Those Days again.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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