These 2 things are MINIMALLY stressful on even bad joints and weak muscles and can help build you up to a stronger You. I can ‘do’ any kind of yoga — I’ve been practicing nearly 2 decades. But I chose to do the minimally impact styles of restorative/gentle/yin (3 styles — I rotate according to my mood). And I walk — a lot. No one believes I’m nearly 59. I don’t do cardio or even break a sweat most of the time — but I keep my flexibility, burn calories, and move my joints, tendons, ligaments & muscles every day. Should I do cardio — YES! But as Julia has said time and again — you have to do what you #1 enjoy you keep doing it. #2 what will fit with your life so it doesn’t become an obnoxious burden that you can’t squeeze in and then you beat yourself up about not doing it and the mind games start about what a loser you are because you can’t …make it to kick boxing class or the gym or to the pool to do laps.. whatever you picked. Bodies LOVE movement. Just keep moving! I loved this Julia!!! As always — soooo good! ❤

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Ann Litts

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned