There is no quiet like the quiet in a house after your grandchildren leave. But it part of the price we pay for the Love we get. Love is never free. Nothing in Life is ever ‘free’. Life is a balance. Yin and Yang. There is always a little bad in the good and a little good in the bad. The good in Ida’s bad? She had the love & support of her family in her battle with cancer. The bad in her good? She has a wonderful relationship with her daughter & grandkids but she had to deal with letting them go back to their lives and say good bye. See how this works? Would Ida live in a world without those grandkids just to be spared the pain of good byes? Not on a bet. Life isn’t about avoiding the pain — it’s about choosing the Joy. ❤ Beautiful piece. I’m going to call my grandkids today!!!

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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