There is a saying about resembling the people whom you surround yourself with. When you change your own vibe to be a person of ethical behavior and have a standard of compassion where this kind of nonsense is not in your wheel house — because you respect other humans and will not tolerate disrespect for your own person — toxic or marginal people fall away. You let go of the threads that hold one way relationships together and you will find people who are are on your same frequency will appear in your life and raise you up to a higher plane.

You are happier, freer, and less morally conflicted. Your tribe gets you. There are no more gray areas.

You and your friends are young yet. I’m older and truthfully — I’m running out of runway. I don’t play at life any more. It’s the real deal for me. Every moment counts. I plan to spend as many of them as I can being kind. :)


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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