The Difference A Year Makes

Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

It’s been just under a year since I changed My Life. The One Decision which “everyone” tells you ‘changes everything’.

For once — Everyone was right.

I had been an OR nurse for most of my career. As the saying goes — Since God was a girl. (I know that’s not really how the saying goes — but — My Story-— My Life — My Spirituality — My Vision of The Divine).

Last July I left the OR to be a case manager for oncology patients. Still working with my beloved surgeons. But the entire genre of My Life has taken on a completely different vibe. Professionally and Personally.

I am so very grateful for The Path I am on — just from taking this turn, diverting from what I have known and stepping into a foreign wood.

I can look back at entries in my journal at All. The. Things. which made My Life painful and annoying.

Small things like a 5:15 AM alarm, an uncertain schedule, the inability to get the days off I wanted for doctor appointments and vacation, and the need to completely wear My Armor all the time, every minute of every shift.

Larger things like the sometimes not so subtle tones of disrespect from physicians and my own management, the complete exhaustion — physical, emotional, and spiritual which came with The Work of being a nurse doubled down in the OR environment, and all the limitations of working in an OR — your family can never reach you, there is no autonomy to come and go as you might need to — no ability to take a break for coffee or to pee on a small scale or to see a physician for your care in the bigger picture.

In My Now, all of these issues have gone away. Vanished — just as I wished they would when I wrote those journal entries a year ago.

Having this improved work environment has been an enormous contributor to My Sense of Well Being and gives me the space to sort My Inner Shit. I have the energy to do All. The. Healthy. Things.

I eat better and live more in tune with My Body. I practice The Pause before I respond, I Love more — easier and live more in tune with My Soul. I can see more clearly where My Landmines live and how they get triggered. — I have more Peace and Freedom and I live more in tune with My Spirit.

“You are always one decision away from a totally different life.” — Mark Batterson.

And even though Mark’s intentions was to entice you into joining the ranks of The Christian Army — his point still holds value for those of us who will never be recruited.

We hold The Power in Our Own Hands to change Our Lives. To decide what the pages of Our Story will hold. Will we write a mystery? a love story? a drama? Or a tragedy with The Time we’ve been given on This Earth?

I will grant you — change is hard and you pay a price for it. I gave up many very close relationships with my OR colleagues when I changed J.O.B.s. Because the ripples of Your Decision will be felt everywhere in Your World.

And that is precisely why you don’t need to completely revamp Your Life to feel the repercussions. You don’t have to make All. The. Changes. You don’t have to take Giant Steps. Just one baby step will do.

Start with just One Decision.

Then see what happens to The Rest Of Your Life.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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