Random Beach Bar

This is a true story. Because those are the best ones, right?

More years ago than I care to remember a co-worker and I took a road trip. We went to see Zac Brown. Then a little while later, we went to see another band. Then another. Before you knew it, we were hitting the road on a regular basis both locally and traveling a bit farther a field to hear live music.

Some friends in one of the bands we regularly saw nicknamed us “Thelma and Louise”. I’m Louise — BTW.

But here we are, ages and ages later. Still doing our thing. Zac Brown came to town a while back and we were there. Again. It’s our standing date year after year.

But just like the growth of the crowds at Zac’s concerts — our relationship has grown too.

Thelma is one of a hand full of numbers on my speed dial. She brings me food & does chest PT on me when my lungs fail me. She has met my kids and I have met her parents.

She has listened to me ponder my failed relationships and dating mishaps, and I have listened to her debate the pros and cons of various living situations for her beloved horse. She is one of my favorite drinking and dancing buddies.

She is also there with me in the trenches of our work. We don’t need to discuss the badness we see. A look over a cold beer speaks volumes of what transpired in our OR that day. We know each other’s back stories, we know what rooms we were in, we heard the pages, the codes called, the late rooms, the emergencies, we stay late to help each other, we teach each other, we swap days off, we cover each other’s call, we have each other’s backs in all the ways that count.

And when one of us is down — the other is always there to say — Stay down, I got this.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned