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This week I discovered the local toll road. It’s not like I never knew it existed. It’s been right there, by my house for years now. In fact, I’ve traveled on it occasionally — but I always thought the expense of it frivolous.

However, this week The Universe pointed out to me the fact an on-ramp to the toll road exists in a place I was unaware of — just a few blocks from where I leave my development. In a fit of financial irresponsibility one hectic morning — I succumbed and took the path of least resistance onto said on-ramp.

Before I knew it I was speeding along at 70 MPH. For a mere 36 cents I completely by-passed multiple lights — stop and go traffic — and the God-Awful-Fight-To-Merge-Onto-The-Main-Highway-By-The-Airport I suffer Every. Morning.

I was promptly spat out onto my desired highway — an exit below all the madness — into a calmness of sorts. People maintaining their own lanes. Traffic moving at the posted speed limit. HOLY COW! What had just happened?

It was as if I had found a freakin’ Traffic Wormhole!

I had just been removed from the very worst — most dangerous part of my commute. For 36 cents.

On the way home that night — I again embraced the fiscally irresponsible and took the toll road home. I found myself exiting the highway long before brake lights flashed red and the stop and roll began in earnest. In FIVE short minutes, I was entering my familiar development well and away from all sources of traffic distress. Literally in the home stretch of home.

I wonder about this new bit of enlightenment in My Life. This Gift.

For surely I have wished for a better commute nearly every day I entered that madhouse. But also I have felt the danger and had many near misses weaving through the crazy which is commuter traffic in my area.

Am I being rescued from a future catastrophe? Or is it a simple matter of The Universe hearing my plea for more peace in My Day? And does it really matter?

The bottom line is this — I have done the math. My Life, My Peace Of Mind, My Time is worth 72 cents a day — $3.60/week. Less than a good cup of coffee in truth. The time I save off the commute is easily 30–40 minutes a day. That’s 2 1/2 hours a week of My Life I get back. For $3.60.

So — my point in this experience?

We tend to nickel and dime ourselves to death. With All. The. Things. in our lives. I would never have thought to take a toll road for just one exit. Because that is just silly. Until I tried it. And it opened up this new found experience of peace and spare time in My Life. And who knows? It might have just saved My Life. My Miraculous Incredibly Cheap Traffic Wormhole!

We deny ourselves all sorts of lesser pleasures and gifts The Universe literally puts RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR DOORS because we are so focused on our bottom lines. We get consumed with doing things the same way or saving for tomorrow, or any other number of reasons why we don’t look up and see what we should be seeing — exploring what we should be exploring — staying open for the things we should stay open for.

When you least expect it The Universe shows you just how great She is. Just the kind of mojo She commands. She really IS on your side. And the next thing you know — you look up one day and you are traveling through a Wormhole — one She built just for you — by your house. For the price of a cup of coffee.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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