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Yesterday I walked in the Woods and remembered what wisdom resides there. With the trees. I had deep thoughts to ponder and as I walked between the majestic living beings — I could feel My Life come into focus.

Trees — creations of The Universe decades older than I — surrounded me. I felt the security the Forest offers to all creatures. I felt the calm the Forest provides as it breaks the wind and dampens the sounds which attempt to rush through it. I felt the timelessness of The Circle Of Life a Forest represents as old growth collapses and new growth sprouts from the decay to replace it. The perpetual Nature of Nature. Never to be denied.

Life is never denied.

All of Creation sings to us Her Wisdom — if we only reach out for it. I spent the afternoon in the company of the oldest of The Universe’s touchstones. I embraced them and whispered to them. I breathed the air they cleansed for me. I listened to the melody of their song as the wind whistled through their branches. And I drew comfort from their strength.

I have a long history with Forests. I discovered them as a child and I retreated to them regularly to purge my grief after my mother’s death. There was one tree, in particular, I would climb and seek solace. There I would cry and rock and moan my grief into the softness of the Wood. The chatter of Her critters would comfort me and the sturdiness of the tree would hold me. I could be alone with my pain — yet not alone. Nature understood Life. Life was not often kind. Especially to mostly abandoned children. The only thing missing from my childhood was a kindly pack of wolves to take me in. However, in those woods — in those long, lost moments of suffering, they appeared to me in spirit form and as such, my spirit animal was born. Amid abandonment and grief as I hugged The Tree whose Life Force became my salvation and I found myself again.

In the years which followed, I would find myself touching the Forest frequently. I would camp out as a teenager — convincing anyone who asked that I was doing it to beat my curfew. I was already ‘uncool’ enough — how do you explain a need to sleep beneath the stars, listen to the owls, and breath the scent of the Forest to other fifteen-year-olds?

Later, I would ride horses through long trails truly feeling a part of the landscape. Sitting upon another animal helped my soul to meld into the Forest in a way simply walking as a biped never did. Animals ignored your scent and you saw parts of Nature you were not privy to as a human beast. The horse became my gateway into a world shared by Her creatures and when our eyes would meet they would speak soft things into my brain and bid me on my way in peace.

Yesterday, on my walk, I touched my grounding point. For the last two weeks, I have felt afloat without an anchor in the hustle and bustle which is The Season. Throw in my birthday, my changed J.O.B., the fact I am flying tomorrow, and things seem tilted. Change. So much Change. The tide and each wave seem to rock my ship and roll my ballast unceasingly.

Until I walked in the Forest. And I listened to the trees. And I breathed their sacred air. And I touched their healing bark. And I grounded down into their roots. And I felt what I knew a long, long time ago.

Nature understood Life. Life was not often kind. Especially to any of us. At any time in our lives.

My Deep thoughts left me as I made my way back to the civilized world. They simply evaporated — left deep in the Forest on one of the stumps I had sat upon. I had been grounded by my time in the Forest. My energy realigned, rebalanced, my soul cleansed, my perspective focused.

The clatter of The Over Culture had been removed — and The Knowledge of what is True and Real had been re-established. My ballast had been secured. My keel was working once again.

My soul — My body — My spirit had regrouped in a way which only time in Nature allows.

Walking in the Forest was a gift I gave myself. A two hour Nature bath for my senses. For my soul. For my spirit. I went into the Forest to find answers to questions I had about my Life. By the time I walked out I had left the questions, still unanswered, behind but — I had found Myself.


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Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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