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I’m changing. Again? Still? Who knows? But as I’ve grown older — I’ve gotten more in touch with who I really am — Real Ann. And I can feel the bits and pieces of Her when She morphs — sheds Her old skin — and Becomes.

I sold my motorcycle this week. Just a few short months ago — I would never even have considered A Life Without A Motorcycle. But now — I realize I may not replace it, even though selling the old to buy a newer one had been the original plan.

I’m minimalizing my entire house. Room by room, drawer by drawer, cupboard by cupboard. The only stuff which gets to stay has to be useful or loved. I’m looking at all the shit on the tippy top shelves — things I haven’t touched in all the nine years I’ve lived here — what are the chances I’m going to want or need stuff I don’t even know I own?

My feathers have been a lot harder to ruffle as well these days. Perhaps walking closer with Her has helped. Or maybe just living long enough — you get tired and start saving yourself for the battles you can win. Or maybe you stop giving fucks about shit you know you just can’t fix. Endemic to Humanity shit like all the fucking ‘isms’ which the young souls inflict upon us as they toddle their way through each manifestation.

Because truly — some of these people behave no better than two-year-olds — with their tantrums, their biases, their inability to play nice or share with others, their lack of communication skills…All. The. Things.

My new phrase to deal with this mess — Some People’s Children. Because Some People’s Children stay Children. Forever.

I have learned the hard way — it’s not my job nor is it in my power to turn them into grown-ups.

Do I want a better World? A cleaner environment? Safer neighborhoods? Fewer school shootings? Equality for all races, genders, ethnic groups and religions? Universal healthcare? Nuclear disarmament? An end to The Fucking Eternal War in the Middle East?

Oh HELL yes!

But as an Old Chick — as an Old Soul — I know The Changes will come. It’s inevitable. It’s the one constant in Life. We cannot control Change. The only thing we can hope for is what we do in Our Now will send positive ripples forth into The Future. The Echo.

So — Love in Your Now. Show Compassion in Your Now. Show Kindness in Your Now.

Do not let those among us who are still learning to be Human bring you down to their level.

Be the Human in Your Now that you want Your Future World to be full of.

Pick up the trash you see on the street. Recycle. Do something about YOUR Carbon footprint. Teach Your Children — LOVE Your Children. Install Solar Panels. Send Girls in Africa to school instead of buying your sister-in-law a sweater she hates next Christmas. Volunteer for a cause you believe in. Put food in the collection bins at your local food bank. Give Blood.

Do The Things which make The World Better. Do them NOW. Don’t just point out all that is wrong with The World. The World will change. We ALL will change.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to be Human and Humane. Love is our Super Power.

“I have decided to stick to love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.” — Martin Luther King Jr.


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