The Weight Of Other’s Expectations

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It’s a real thing. And women carry it around with them All. The. Fucking. Time.

We shoulder it like The Rock Stars we are. As straw after straw is added to our load. Parents, bosses, spouses, children, teachers, friends, neighbors — even strangers place their expectations on us.

We are to behave in a certain manner, do certain things, NOT do certain other things.

You all know what I have to say about this — I’m sure.


Women grow bolder as we age. I read somewhere long ago that estrogen was a domesticating hormone The Universe in Her vast wisdom placed in our bodies so we would tolerate the mating and nesting process long enough to stay with a man to rear a family.

In My Life — and the lives of so many women of a certain age — this is The Truth of our existence.

Once the estrogen runs out, we are done playing nice.

We are done catering to the whims of society, the needs of men, and the judgments of false prophets.

We find our soul, our heart, our voice, and many times our feet as we walk away from everything and everyone who no longer serves us.

We sense the passing of time in every cell in our body and we become fearless. Our bodies have carried us through the whole of our existence and for many of us — we are finally at long last becoming friends with her.

We make the decision to Live Life — not endure it.

We no longer play nice. We don’t smile if we aren’t happy. Anyone who touches us without explicit permission pulls back a bloody stump. We have grown fangs and claws. But more importantly — we have learned how to use them.

Without guilt.

Without concern for consequences.

Without. A. Second. Thought.

I am a crone and I have come into my power.

Enter my world at your own peril if you wish to do me harm. If you seek to judge me. If you find me too much.

I have set down the weight of your expectations — permanently.

I am who I am. Your approval is no longer necessary.


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Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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