The Vibe — When You Just Know

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What comes first? The chicken or the egg?

Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy? Or are you just picking up on what’s already going down?

Is it Your Echo or Theirs?

Are you self-sabotaging? Or are you an innocent bystander watching a train-wreck-in-progress?

These are some of the questions which occur to me when I have a foreshadowing of The Thing Which Is About To Happen.

And then — it Happens.

I KNEW it!

Sometimes The Thing is a pleasant experience and we put it down to serendipity — good luck — being in the right place at the right time— following your instincts — and Wah La! Magic happens! Case in point — parking places. I am The Queen of Rock Star parking.

But when The Thing is not so pleasant — we deny those same instincts which gave us a heads up about The Thing Which Is About To Happen and we blame ourselves for the bad shit. To add balance — I am also The Queen of Break Ups.

In acknowledgment of Our Early Warning System — People will say they ‘knew’ — or they ‘saw it coming’. All the disasters in their lives. But did we bring on the disaster by ‘knowing about it’?

Not hardly. Everyone’s Life has pain, heartache, and challenges.

But some people can feel the change in the ‘weather’. Empaths are famous for this. Picking up on energy, body language, and other subtle clues — they often know more about how you’re feeling than you do.

Others just ‘know’ things. Human barometers to Life Events — they are tuned into a frequency even they don’t quite understand.

If you listen — you can learn to see The Signs.

You will know when it’s time to move on. This is a huge thing for most of us. We cling to situations, J.O.B.s, relationships well past their expiration date. When we finally do get up the gumption to listen to Our Inner Knowing and get the hell out — we feel the relief of the ages pour through us. Why didn’t we fucking do this sooner? Excellent question!

You will know when something is a bad plan. Whether it’s a business opportunity, a new relationship, or a phone call — your instincts will tell you to send that sucker to voice mail. Walk away — no wait — RUN AWAY if you must.

You will also hear the encouragements. Turn here — go there — say yes — and Your World opens up. Parking places appear — new friendships, opportunities you can’t imagine fall into your lap. Because you listened.

Don’t be afraid.

To say ‘No’. To say ‘Yes’. To walk away. To embrace.

To Listen.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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