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My dating days are done

Ann Litts
4 min readMay 22, 2024

Before you say anything, let me explain. This isn’t so much a matter of giving up on love — it’s a matter of honoring my peace. In fact, if I take a look around me — there are dozens of Humans who think kindly of me. A smaller number of those truly love me. There is, literally, heaps upon heaps of love in my life. Friends, family, and of course — The Magical Creatures all find me to be a good Human worthy of their affection.

I have to admit, my marriage probably spoiled me. At 18, I married a high school classmate that I had known since elementary school. He was a good guy who grew into a good man. He once told me that he loved me and if that ever changed, he’d let me know. But it was said with the firm conviction that his love was for keeps. And love me he did. Just as I was. Through all my ups and downs and all arounds. Even past the unraveling of our marriage — love remained. I had over 30 years of the love and acceptance of a good man.

Little did I realize then what a rare and wonderful thing that was — to be loved and accepted just as I was.

If you’ve read much of my writing here you would know that the last 14 years since the divorce found me on and off the dating scene. Most new relationships could be counted in DAYS before one or the other of us tapped out. My longest…