The Unthinkable

Don’t be fooled — nurses like guns too

It happened in Utah. And I’m still trying to make sense of it. How can this happen? She was just doing her job. Her administration was backing her up, they were literally on the phone with her. Her MALE boss was standing right next to her. Even the other cop on the video has a “What the fuck are you doing, dude?” look on his face.

The thing is, you may not know this, nurses live by a set of rules. It’s called our scope of practice. And to protect the public, we can’t just run around doing whatever we want to patients…or whatever gun toting, badge carrying men off the street tell us to do. There are protocols, orders from doctors to be followed and that is that. We can be fired, we can lose our licenses, or we can be sued by our patients. Its a big deal. A really big fucking deal. Its so we take care of our patients. Its so we do the right thing. Every. Single. Time.

Like this nurse did. Even when a pissed off cop is breathing down your neck. With a gun on his hip. And throws you against a wall, puts you in hand cuffs and marchs you to his police car, then badgers you to tears. You know — you did the right thing. And he did not.

He will face repercussions. He will also face the fury of a Nation Of Nurses.

Remember when someone — I forget who exactly because they’ve been banished to nobody land — called a stethoscope a “doctor’s stethoscope” and mocked a nurse publicly for her calling? Buckle up people — this is way bigger.

We are watching to see how this goes. Will law enforcement do the right thing? Will they hold this man accountable for his actions?

Mark my words — this will not go by unnoticed by the roughtly 3.1 million nurses in the US. Yep, that’s right, I said 3.1 million. When I googled how many cops there were, the largest number I came up with was a bit over 1 million. Run the numbers. Go ahead. I can wait.

Just when I thought we were doing better, my faith is completely undermined by this event. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think we had a buy or were special or anything like that. I just thought that cops got it. Nurses, EMS, firemen, cops = trenches. We work shitty hours, deal with shitty stuff, suffer from PTSD, and have shitty personal lives all thanks to our jobs. We don’t inflict our shit on each other. That’s the rule.

And that asshole in Utah broke it.



Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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