The Twelve Days Of Christmas- #1


This season I thought I’d revisit A Thing I did several years back on FB. Starting with the Twelve Days of Christmas, I hope to write a short piece each day. A bit of Light as we march on toward The Solstice — The Longest Night of 2020 and the turning point of the season.

To me, Life is a gift, even the hard parts. On this First day of Christmas I want to let you all know this fact:

I already have The Greatest Gifts.

Family. Friends. Love. Hope. Health. Safety.

In a capitalistic world — during an over-commercialized buying frenzy, the best gift we can give ourselves is to stop and see The Gifts which are already in our possession.

All. The. Things we take for granted. Right up until they are not there anymore. More than anything else this Christmas — devoid of many of our beloved traditions and gathering rituals —we can focus on how truly blessed we are.

Because we are. There is always, always something to be thankful for. Always.

A couple of years ago my daughter came up with the idea to exchange donations rather than gifts among the adults in the family. There are several of us now who participate. As Italians — well of course we donate to food banks, each in our own community with the money we would have spent on each other. We all feel we have enough ‘stuff’ so we feed Humans. Humans whose Christmas wish list doesn’t have wants, but needs — like a warm meal.

What happens when you see that need? Can you turn your focus outward — away from yourself? Can you allow the space for gratitude to grow? Gratitude for your lives just as they are. Gratitude for each other. Gratitude to be in a position to help those whose lives are in crisis.

2020 is a historic year. We have lost so much — as a global community, as a country, as a community. If we focus on what isn’t this year, our hearts will surely burst.

Or we can focus on what is, that which remains — The Greatest Gifts:

Family. Friends. Love. Hope. Health. Safety.

We can feel grateful and blessed even without boxes and bows. As with all things — Christmas (and Life) isn’t really about The Stuff.

It’s about the Humans we love not the presents we give.

It’s about the Humans who need us and the presence we give.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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