The Twelve Days Of Christmas — #8


Photo by Valentin Petkov on Unsplash

Christmas is the time of year we embrace Charity. The world might be a much better place if we managed to carry that notion forward to all twelve months of the year — however, the goal is to be thankful for what one has. And truth be told — I AM very thankful for the vibe of goodwill that always pervades December.

This year, especially, there are so many who need the charity of our neighbors. And to be clear — everyone is our neighbor. Every. One.

Anyone who has seen Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol gets schooled in the lesson of what a miserable life one has if they live without Charity. Financial Charity is just the tip of the iceberg in Scrooge’s heart. He withholds Love and kindness — Emotional Charity. He harbors grudges and counts wrongs done to him thus laking Mental Charity.

Because Charity isn’t just about writing a check to your favorite cause. Charity is about opening your heart, quieting your mind, and seeing everyone around you as potential benefactors. Charity, much like Love, is an echo.

Whatever you send out — returns. Many times over. The Universe cannot be outdone in Her Generosity. She just can’t.

We can learn the lessons taught by The Ghosts of Christmas- Past, Present, and Future. And we can do it without a Spiritual Intervention. We can wake ourselves from our miserly sleep. We can open our eyes and hearts to the Humans around us.

We can keep Christmas in our hearts all year long, not just in December.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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