The Twelve Days Of Christmas — #4


Photo by Valentin Petkov on Unsplash

When we speak of Love Languages, receiving gifts is in many Human’s primary vocabulary. But it’s not in everyone’s. The trick, they say, to have great relationships in Your Life is to understand your love languages and communicate them to those you care about.

But the sword cuts both ways. One must also seek to understand the Love Languages of those same Humans.

At this time of year, Humanity focuses on just receiving gifts to express their inner feelings. Backed by an ad industry that lets you know just what kind of a loser you are if you don’t buy the biggest, brightest, shiniest something to prove your Love.

Deep down — we all know that’s bullshit.

I have written before about All. The. Kinds. of Love. If we stop obsessing about just the one kind, delivered in just the one way — we can make all of our lives better. Bigger. Brighter. Shinier.

Of all the Love I hold in my heart, the deepest — most transforming Love is the Love I share with my granddaughters. I have been blessed over and over again by their presence in My Life. And although we think we need to make a big deal out of Christmas for kids, the truth is much simpler. They need us all year long. They need us to understand their Love Languages. They need us to show them every single moment of every single Now how incredibly precious they are to us. We’re the adults in the equation — this one is on us.

Coming closely behind this all-encompassing Love for my granddaughters is the Love I feel for their parents, as well as their aunt and uncle. It has taken me nearly all of the forty years I’ve been a mother to get those relationships right. To allow them to grow from My Kids to My Friends. And again — to translate My Love for them into their native tongue.

Everyone else in My Life comes after these seven souls. But I am blessed by the many wonderful Humans The Universe chose to walk with me. Best Friends, BFFS, My Person, and My Tribe.

And every single Human I love has a different combination of Love Language. It takes time, attention, and presence to see this. Not everyone on your list wants bigger, brighter, shinier from you. Most of them, I’m sure, would be pleased to have a sentence or two from their Love Language spoken to them.

Words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and when it can be done safely — most especially touch.

As my language of choice has always been touch — These Days bring exceptional challenges to everyone in my circle. And still — they find ways to let me know I am loved. Continuously. Deeply. Vastly.

This year let us revel in The Love which surrounds us. The Everyday Love we so often fail to recognize. Let everyone in Your Life know how much they mean to you.

Speak it to them in their own language.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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