The Twelve Days Of Christmas — #10


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I love Santa. But then — I love All. The. Things. Magik. And no greater, more potent magik exists than Christmas Magik.

Clement Clark Moore penned “A Visit From St. Nicholas” around 1823 and gave form to The Spirit of Christmas.

Santa isn’t just an American tradition. He is an international phenomenon. Many countries have their own version of this Magik. I found an article that listed twenty countries along with their respective Santa traditions.

But the story always ends the same way. Santa = presents for the children.

My childhood memories of Christmas Past are very different than my mother’s. She described to me the existence she and her family had — growing up in an Italian neighborhood on the wrong side of town. Christmas for my less-than-wealthy grandparents meant Santa would deliver an orange to each child’s stocking.

That was it.

And even in the face of this kind of poverty, Santa still arrived. My mother grew up to be one of the biggest fans of Santa and Christmas — ever. She never needed visits from The Ghosts of Christmas to keep it in her heart. And keep it she did. Very, very well.

Santa, The Spirit of Christmas moves through my family now. Last year I was privy to his Christmas Eve visit down my granddaughters’ chimney. He is just as magik as he has ever been.

He still loves his milk and cookies. His reindeer still nibble on the carrots. He fills stockings these days with a bit more than a single orange — but then — he’s a bit more financially secure than he was four generations ago.

Apparently, the toy business is paying off. Maybe he holds the patent for Legos?

That would explain so much.

As much as Christians would like The Christ to be THE symbol of Christmas — He will always have to share the spotlight with the guy in the red suit. And his reindeer — his flying reindeer.

December 25th might be recognized as the birthday of Jesus — but for centuries prior to that — December 21st was a high holy day for the masses. The legends and myths Humanity formed to celebrate the end of the longest winter day are sacred. Sure they can be morphed and twisted and bent to fit Christianity’s blueprint, but they cannot be banished.

The Spirit of Christmas existed long before A.D. 00. In fact, it has always been my belief that Santa and The Divine played for the same team. How else would Santa know — for certain — who’s been bad or good?

I. Rest. My. Case.

No matter who visits your home this December to infuse it with The Spirit of Christmas — allow yourself to absorb their magik. Let yourself be carried away to memories of gentler, simpler days. Feed the dream of Peace on Earth.



Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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