Because there is always A Thing

I am an introverted extrovert. Get it straight. NOT an extroverted introvert. I am a Human who — for the most part — at baseline will go out. To A thing. Just about anything.

I have gotten a bit more selective about The Things and have begun listening to the wisdom of my body regarding school nights and over-indulging. But I still have a reputation of being able to keep up with my friends who are nurses and many decades younger than I am.

But to refuel — I also require vast amounts of alone time. Hence, the introvert piece. Yoga — meditation — writing — reading, my go-to solo practices which fill me back up.

For the past three weeks, the introverted part of me has reveled in semi-isolation with very few contacts with the ‘outside’ world. I have a most excellent housemate. We were good.

However, in speaking with a few of my extroverted friends, I also came to the conclusion that the other side — my extroverted piece and theirs — well — that Thing just doesn’t do so well in captivity.

And for extroverts that is what quarantine resembles. Captivity.

The first tattoo I ever got is the word ‘freedom’. And let me tell you — this is so not THAT.

No social contact. No hugs. No touching. No traveling. No adventures. No live music. No shared meals.

It’d be really easy to go down the road into extrovert hell. If I wanted to.

As always though — The Thing (because there’s always A Thing) is to pick and choose what Your Life is going to be about.

Yes, after speaking to my other extroverted friends and having a good old fashioned pity party for all of us — I was kinda bummed. Because Goddess only knows when I will actually be able to sit down and celebrate with them in person.

And I miss them.

I miss my family. I miss my Best Friend. I miss All. The. Humans.

But I know we are all safe. And right now — that is The Most Important Thing. I would live in extrovert hell for the rest of my days to spare any single one of them.

Because of this Thing:

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” — Spock

“Make it so, Number One.” — Picard


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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