Photo by Alexandre Chambon on Unsplash

I’m trying to imagine the terror that would drive me to take my children and the clothes on my back and flee to another country. Then I’m trying to imagine armed guards at that country taking my children away from me and I will never find them again. I will never know if they were safe, feed, abused, loved, or even if they survived.

What kind of Hell is that?

There but for The Grace… the lucky coincidence of the circumstance of birth….if you believe in God — you better start thanking Him/Her/Them that you are not fleeing for your life with your children and you get to keep your kids. How nice for you. There but for The Grace.

You never earned That Grace. You never did a single damn thing to be so blessed. And those parents in that situation never did anything to deserve that Hell.

Remember that. Remember that God is watching us. The test of humanity is constant. Do you recognize God in the immigrant? In the homeless? In the children? Do you feed the hungry? Do you visit the imprisoned?

Why not?

That is the most important question of today. Our RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

Why. The. Hell. Not?

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