The Sunday Night Blues

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Go on — you can fess up. We all have them. At least those of us who do the Monday — Friday thing. In truth for me — as a nurse — what with taking call in most of my previous J.O.B.s — The Sunday Night Blues were a bit of a White Elephant. My schedule was so jacked up there was no such thing as a weekend.

But now — for the last several years — I’ve had a no-call, no-nights, no-weekends kind of gig. And let me tell you. The Sunday Night Blues are a real deal.

It usually hits me about sundown on Sunday. That’s when the bedtime ritual begins in earnest and I start tucking my weekend away. Dinner is over, dishes are done, the dishwasher may even be started. I’ve figured out what’s going into my lunch in the morning and my oatmeal has been made. (Yes, I make oatmeal, and not the in-a-minute shit — the old fashioned kind which you cook— do you know it keeps all week if you make it on Sunday evening? True story.)

Before you know it — it’s time to set the alarm and lights off. And with those final actions — my weekend comes to a close. My week begins with the weeknight bedtime ritual for preparing my mind/body/spirit to face my J.O.B. in the AM.

Part of me longs for a day when all my days flow like weekends. When there is no J.O.B. days/nights to intrude upon the leisure of my freedom. When I can truly be the master of my own destiny.

However, Humans are nothing if not fickle creatures. We instinctively need the contrasts in Our Lives or else we settle into our ruts and become ungrateful beasts.

I know when the day comes to retire and all of my days resemble weekends— I will not savor them in quite the same manner as I do currently. Once the contrast of leisure to workday is lost — and I will not have this feeling I am holding right this very minute — My Sunday Blues. I will have muted some of the color in My Life. The complementary color scheme will dim.

I am aware on a much deeper level exactly what The Sunday Blues represent in My Life. They are more than a bit of regret the weekend has passed by so quickly. Or some angst over facing the tasks set before me in my J.O.B. It’s not even the alarm — which these days I rarely need anyhow. My Sunday Blues also hold gratitude for a career and a facility to which I have given nearly 25 years of service. My Sunday Blues provide a sense of peace in knowing come tomorrow morning I will return to helping people in tangible ways. And last but not least, My Sunday Blues reassure me that for as much as I am sorry my weekend is over — I am actually kinda ok with my work week starting.

May Your Life lead you to The Place you belong. To do All. The. Things you are here to do. May your Sunday Blues bring you as much peace for the beginning of your week as they do regret for the end of your weekend. May you live a Joy-Filled Life in all the shades of its contrasts.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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