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I don’t know about you — but one of my biggest challenges in Life is standing by and watching The Storms.

Politically speaking — America has been just one Storm right after another. It almost seems as though they are strategically planned so none of us ever find any Peace.

They most certainly exist to keep us clawing at each other throats and distracted from Our Day-To-Day existence — Our Now — where Peace actually exists.

Kali — The Goddess of Destruction and Fire Storms — is always there. Change is always part of Our Lives. The truth of the matter is this — Change is never inherently good or bad of its own accord. Humans assign it this label according to Our Beliefs or the manner it affects Our Now.

But Change is the constant we face in This Life. It has always existed.

No Law, No Circumstance, No Institution, No Government will ever remain just as it is.

You can find comfort or angst in the reality of this Truth.

You can watch The Storms blow through and be swept up in their Chaos. It is difficult to stay grounded when all around you there is Fire, Thunder, Hate.

Or you can try to pull people out of The Storm — if Your Peace is strong enough. If YOU are strong enough. There are precious few of those amazing souls in the world. Most have left us to our own devices. Mother Teresa, Gandi, Martin Luther King, Muhammad, Jesus, White Buffalo Woman, Buddha. It seems there was always a voice of peace and sanity in the world — speaking over the noise of The Storms.

Until Now.

Today — Kali and all The Gods/Goddesses you might hold sacred — They have left it up to us. Just Us.

We are The Voice. We are ones who need to ground ourselves. We are the ones who have to make Our Peace stronger than The Storm.

I admit I am not especially good at this. My Warrior is a shadow who, on a good day, still holds her sword at the ready — never sheathed — never at rest — only standing quietly by. She has lived her entire existence fighting every Storm as if Life itself depended on it. Peace is Her Enemy.

And so it is with many of us. We fear The Change The Storm brings because Life has been a battlefield. We have no trust in Peace.

And yet, The Strongest among us — The Peacemakers who have gone before — The Greatest Humans who ever lived — have shown us — Peace is the only way to survive The Storms.

We never know what will be left after Kali burns away the chaff. We never know what will grow up from the ashes. Our job as Humans has never been to fight the flames of The Storm; it is to tend the new growth when it arrives.

“Don’t let people pull you into their storms. Pull them into your peace.” — Kimberly Jones

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