Can you hear Her?

Photo by 30daysreplay (PR & Marketing) — Social Media Beratung on Unsplash

So I’ve tried to write this thing about six times.

Each time a different bit of my pissed-off comes out.

So. Silence.

When you’ve got nothing good to contribute to the conversation — do this. Shut the fuck up. And be silent.

And that’s when I hear Her whisper to me.

My pain and your pain and their pain is the same pain — expectations lost and fear embraced. She reminds me about how all of us are one— there is no such thing as gender or race or religion when you stand in The Truth. A Heart always knows the way home. Sexual orientation not even in the conversation because love is love is love and the more the better.


It doesn’t need to be. It never has needed to be.

So I sit here in silence. Doing my best not to make Life harder. Not for me — not for you — not for anyone else.

I listen to Her whisper. Love is love is love.

And it seems to me Love might be the only way out of this mess we’ve made over all the centuries of all of time Humans have walked on The Earth.

We need to shut the fuck up and love each other. All. The. Others. Because there is no others.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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