The shared experience of all of Humanity. In truth. Straight girls who are wall flowers and love horses more than Humans and are prone to panic attacks feel this as well. But no one tells you. Everyone — Every where feels they are a freak of nature as a teenager. No one tells them the popular kids peak in high school and forever attempt to relive those days caught in a weird case of Ground Hog Day while the rest of us who just barely make it out alive — go on to grow up and find ourselves. Our Real Selves in spite of the trauma the Right Ones inflicted upon us. I always told my kids — These are NOT the best days of your life. Any one telling you they are — is a liar. Hang in there. Your Life is OUT THERE. Just waiting on you.

I love this post — just know — it resonates with all the geeks — all of us who ever sat in a classroom and were made to feel ‘Other’ because the popular kids were bored that day then turned thier attention upon us and our lack of ability to conform to the secret rules of Their Game.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned