The fall-out of casting stones

Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

It’s the hardest thing. Isn’t it?

Trying to maintain a sense of balance in These Days. No schedule. No routine. For some — no income. For others — no end in sight.

Social media, the news, politicians, the fear of everyone we encounter — it all feeds on chaos. When you sit quietly you can feel it. The edges of the storm as you stand in the eye. One false move in any direction and you are sucked back into it.

Out of control.

Just. Like. That.

It’s ok. Humans do that. We are all rediscovering our Humanity. The hard way. This which causes us so much suffering is actually connecting us — even as it pushes and pulls at us.

I find myself alternatively frustrated and annoyed and then appalled.

Yet, the deeper truth under every emotion, every reaction is the same.

They are often a pre-programmed chain of events. A samskara — each one unique to its owner.

We are all throwing stones at the thing. Each in our own way. Whether we are living in glass houses or skipping them across open water — those stones we hurl out into space move energy — they have the power to destroy or to gently soothe.

Life is an echo. When we toss negativity out into the world — it simply circles around and comes back to us. Anger, angst, ridicule, hate, and as we are seeing now in massive amounts — fear. Those stones are completely destroying all our glasshouses. Everywhere.

Life is an echo. When we toss positivity out into the world — it simply circles around and comes back to us. Love, compassion, understanding, hope, and as we are seeing now in massive amounts — service to our communities. Those stones are sending ripples of kindness through all our hearts. Everywhere.

The best news is we get to choose. Always. Our thoughts are just things in our heads. Our emotions are no more than manifestations of those thoughts. Neither one of them has to result in action — we always, always, always choose the action. We choose what thought, what emotion we send out into the world through those actions.

We choose what stones we throw. We don’t have to give in to our pre-programming. Every. Single. Time.

We can choose whether we destroy glasshouses or whether we send out waves of compassion. Shards of pain, or ripples of love.

Look at your hands — what are you holding? Right now.

Do your hands hold pain? Or do they hold love?

Remember to look at your hands. See the stone before you hurl it. Be sure it’s the one you want to send out into the world. Make certain you want to be on the receiving end of its consequences.

Shards of pain vs. ripples of love.

Dedicated with sincere love and healing for all the shards of pain my stones have inflicted.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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