The Quality Of Friendship

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Ponder this for a moment — while I have your attention — what makes a Friendship “Real”?

Is it being there for each other? Is it mutual respect? Is it the ability to see and accept the other Human as they are? Is it sitting Shiva with their grief? Is it helping them move forward when they are ready to take a step out of the swamp? Is it Truth-Telling the Truth they are maybe just only barely ready to hear? Is it staying silent until this moment appears?

Is it All. The. Things?

Did you notice something is missing from the first paragraph?

Physical proximity.

You don’t have to be standing next to someone to be a Good Friend to them.

Sure there are times when we physically need the comfort and support of Our Tribe (I’m looking at you Julie and my amazing chest PT ❤), but we also can experience profound connection with our not-living-down-the street relationships.

I have people I have been friends with nearly all my life who live hundreds of miles away. They are still counted as some of my best relationships. Last night I spent time chatting with a far-away friend about All. The. Things. and came away with this revelation.

Space and Time are merely Human constructs. Souls connect on an energetic level and the people with whom you share this bond will always be in Your Life. Your People. No matter what divergent paths your lives may take.

One of my very best friends is retiring soon and planning to fulfill her dream of moving away from her hometown for a change of scenery and some adventure. I will miss her dearly — however — I KNOW — she will not be lost to me. Ever.

Even if you both let go of each other for a bit — I have found — a friendship which is meant to be will simply pick up where it left off. You each understand Life Happens. But the larger understanding was always this — you could reach for each other if the shit hit the fan and it would be as if no time had even passed. You just hit the resume button.

I have a lot of people in My Life who would show up at my doorstep — shovel and tarp in hand — no questions asked.

Some would come from other states.

A few I even met here on Medium.

Being a Good Friend does not depend so much on your square mile radius to each other’s physical presence — it’s all about how close you are to each other’s souls.

To all My Friends — everywhere — Thank you for sharing My Journey. IRL and virtually — I am blessed over and over by The Joy you bring and The Gifts you are.


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