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I’ve always been a minimalist. Of sorts. I’m not a knick-knack sort of gal. I don’t collect shoes or clothes. In fact, I have a hard and fast rule — when something new goes into the closet — something already there has to come out. Having this rule means I need to LOVE the new something because I’m going to be giving up a something I already have to make room for it.

When I pick up a thing I own — I ponder it. Have I used it in the last year? Six months? No? — Then time to give it to someone who needs it. Because frankly — if I haven’t needed it in six months — I can live without it.

Everyone sit down — I have one box in my attic. It is full of shit which belonged to my father. For reasons equally comprised of personal trauma and a severe allergy to mold — the box remains unopened in my attic where it will not cause me to wheeze. One day, after I’m dead, my kids can burn that sucker. But for reasons which are still unclear, I just can’t. And I’m not willing to shell out the co-pays to my therapist at this point to sort it out.

I’m good — that’s the only ‘baggage’ I have from my less than stellar childhood. One moldy box. In my attic.

Tonight I attacked the guest room closet. It had been a catch-all since I’ve been living here on my own. Six years worth. Time to regroup. It’s nearly empty now. Just a couple things in there for when the grandkids come to visit.

I managed to sort out a few of My Drawers and a bit of My Closet too. Not to the extent they need it. But I tossed a few blaring offenders into the Goodwill pile while I was at it.

Eventually, I’ll get to all the other closets. The kitchen cabinets are on the to-do list as well. And the largest offender — my storage shed. Well — to call it a shed would be generous. It’s a closet — with my water heater in it. If I turn my bicycle sides ways — there is just enough room to fit it in there next to the Christmas tree stand.

I kid you not. It’s tiny. In fact — the guest room closet might have been bigger.

But back to my point…purging.

Getting rid of All. The. Things.

All the stuff we thought we had to have — but never use.

Society feeds us this bullshit about having more — newer — brighter — shiner things. Or what? We aren’t cool? We’re somehow Less Than?

Such crap.

Ever been to a Classic Car show? Old is the new New. Those cars are Sharp! When we got married my ex-husband had a 1969 350 Windsor Mustang. That isn’t why I married him in 1978 — but it didn’t hurt. That car was FINE.

My last motorcycle was eighteen years old when I bought him. Other than being Cold Blooded and not wanting to start in cold weather — he was a handsome devil.

I even have old tech. Yep. X-Box 360. Still works.

I have found if you take care of your stuff — that happens — it will keep working.

And when I find something I like — I tend to keep it. Conversely, if I’m not using something — I pass it along to someone who will.

We don’t have to keep buying shit just to buy shit. And we don’t have to buy new shit.

Our Planet is being crushed — completely crushed — under the weight of our consumerism.

Stop. Just Stop.

Minimize Your Life. It’s true what they say it will free your soul.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

It will save The Planet for your kids. And isn’t that the BEST thing ever you could possibly give them? A chance to have clean air, clean water, safe food for themselves and THEIR kids?

Invest in that. Not another iPhone.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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