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I recently went to see a psychic. Actually, I went to see two.

I had a tarot card reading with one and past-life reading with another.

Before anyone rolls their eyes — let’s get a few things straight. This is not my first rodeo. I’ve been to psychics before and I am perfectly capable of reading my own cards…or yours.

We were in Salem, there was a carnival atmosphere and I knew the readings would be fun. The psychics are there for the tourists. They might very well be the genuine article, in fact — I’m pretty sure my tarot card reader had some major woo-woo going on — but for the most part, they are going to give you the good stuff. Entertainment, happy, joy-joy shit. If they find some shadows lurking — it would be bad for business to overshare.

The past-life-reading psychic knew I was a nurse. I swear to Goddess, I have it imprinted in Psychic-Read-Only ink on my forehead. They. All. Know. I might as well just wear My Ye Olde Nursing Cap right on in. She did mention one past life I couldn’t fathom, however — never in a thousand lifetimes could I see myself in Lady Guinevere’s Court. Unless I was there in attendance to Morgan Le Fey. But some of the other lives seemed plausible.

The tarot card reader did a spectacular job. He covered issues in my life which were questions just hanging around in my subconscious, but they were not The Inquiry I was sitting with for the reading. He did get to that as well though eventually.

He shuffled the deck, had me cut it into thirds and then put the deck back together. He placed the Queen of Wands — a fire sign card — in the center to represent my Sagittarius personality. Then he asked me to draw twelve cards randomly from the deck as he spread it out facedown in a fan between the Queen and me.

He placed the cards in a circle going clockwise around the Queen with each card representing an issue/house. All of the cards were ‘good’ cards. I am familiar enough with tarot to understand what I was looking at. My Life before me was full of love, light, and joy.

He focused on a couple of areas and had me randomly draw four additional cards. Finances/kids/relationship/health/mother. Fascinating sentences poured from his mouth as he talked about My Life in vague overarching tones and precise comments which applied to specific situations in My Now.

I smiled through most of the reading. He asked very few questions after the initial greeting.

After about twenty minutes we were done. I left feeling as if I just had my intuition ‘tuned up’.

The wonderful thing about going to a psychic — they tell you things you already know. In a way, they are just like your therapist in that respect.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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