The other thing that occurred to me was this — I don’t go around cursing people/things. Cuz — Rule Of Threes. Most folks who dabble in Magik understand this principle. Life is an echo — if you put shit out — Like pairs of carved wooden dogs to point bad mojo at your neighbors you’re pissed at — well perhaps you deserve the dumbass loser boyfriend The Universe blessed you with? It’s just your bad energy ricocheting back at you. Times Three.

Not sayin’ — just sayin’. I mind my own energy. I got enough to do keeping my shit together without looking at other people’s shit.

I’m just thinking that perhaps she might not have been the best, most wise teacher in The Ways. Many times our own intuition communing with The Universe does a much better job of things than all that which gets filtered through another’s lens.

Herself will reach out to you — if you open your channels. You don’t need anyone else to boost the signal. I promise.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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