The one of the best lines I ever heard a surgeon utter, “Age is not a diagnosis” as we pre-oped a 99 year old woman who is on NO medication except for the condition we were about to fix with her day surgery.

(Feel free to use that my friend.)

But a lot of people treat it as one. That age, just like being 10 or 20# into that ‘overweight’ zone = some kind of disease process and makes you automatically also unwell.

At sixty, I’m healthier than I was at thirty because I am finally giving myself the care I gave to everyone else in my world. I think that’s what women learn (or don’t learn) as we age.

We matter.

Thank you for using my comment Dear Julia. It always makes me smile. Know you are loved- always. Deeply. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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