It happens when you listen carefully

Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash

It is said that praying is talking to God and that meditating is listening.

To. All. The. Things.

When we meditate there are things we hear. Thoughts that echo. Notions that ring true. Unresolved issues. Static and chatter — but eventually the process will lead to a place where you begin to recognize the backbeat of it all.

The sound of the energy that ties it all together.

The Music Of Life.

It’s subtle and you won’t find it if you sit down on your cushion and demand, “Serenity! NOW!” The Universe smiles indulgently at our impatience. Time is a mere suggestion when one can wield light and wrap DNA.

No. We will only hear The Music — The Force — The Energy — that belongs to all of creation by being still. And quiet. And patient. And by paying careful attention.

The day you’ll experience it will arrive on little mouse feet. It will be in the way your garden grows. Or in the purr of your cat. It will be in the way the trees call your name. The hummingbirds dog-fighting at your feeder. The lap of the waves as you stand where the water meets the land. The love and care that seeps in and surrounds your life.

It is in these everyday moments, you will hear The Song, so very clearly.

The Divine Connection. The Music of Life. In us. Through us. With us. From one to another. Every. Living. Being. Connected.

May all beings be still and listen. May all beings hear The Music of Life. May all beings live in Divine Harmony.


“No matter how despairing or cut off we can feel at any given time, we are not actually severed from the essential flow of life or from one another. If we get quiet for a while and pay careful attention, this is what we realize.” — Sharon Salzberg

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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