The Littlest Magical Creature

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Today I got some snail mail. Not just any snail mail — Magical Creature Snail Mail.

You see — I’ve been sick. So my youngest granddaughter made me a picture and sent me some Get Well Soon Wishes and Love. Her Momma put it all in an envelope for her and mailed right to my home.

I picked up my mail this morning on my way into work and seeing her name on the return address completely changed the entire vibe of My Day. It was going to be a most wonderful day — no matter what. Because waiting for me at the end of it was this Magical Message from My Littlest Magical Creature.

When I finally arrived home and opened the envelope — Love and Happiness spilled out all over my kitchen counter. You just could NOT contain it! A warm wave of Pure Joy filled up the entire space — every nook and cranny — everywhere.

I was surrounded.

I had to do some rearranging of my Refrigerator Art Gallery to find a suitable place to display this latest addition.

At only age three and one half My Littlest Magical Creature has already mastered The Secret To Life. Send Joy. Show Kindness. Spread Love.

Because she knows — Life is an echo. And by sending me Her Love — I was shored up enough today to send out My Love to others as well. And the ripples went on and on — to who knows where?

This Child was born with Kindness woven into her DNA. She is one of our Resident Empaths. Even at her tender age — she is teaching us all how to be better at Human-ing.

Perhaps we all knew more about this Human-ing business when we three and one half. Perhaps we just forget as we grow older. Perhaps we unlearn how to Human.

Instead we learn to fear — each other, the future, the past, our mistakes, our feelings. Oh, about all those feelings — toward each other — the future — the past — our mistakes…All. The. Things. We just hate to feel the feelings!

My Littlest Magical Creature reminds me over and over again not to be afraid. She reminds me to be BRAVE. Just like a three-and-one-half-year-old is.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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