The Life I Would Have Chosen

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My Person and I were chatting the other evening about Our Lives. All. The. Things. Where we started out when we were kids and how far we have traveled in the over forty years we have been Friends. And then we pondered The Lost Bits.

Because most assuredly The Life we both have Now is not The Life we envisioned ourselves living way back when. It is not The Life we would have chosen. Or is it?

What exactly happened to That Life — those options? We didn’t just wake up in some parallel space/time continuum — did we? We lived Our Lives — made choices — played the hand Fate dealt us and found ourselves in Our Here & Now.

We had friends back in the day, who were laser-focused on their dreams and life goals. A few went on to college and became successful professionals — married the mates of their dreams — found themselves — yadda yadda yadda. But for the most part — the rest of us just got out of bed every day and Lived.

We faced each Now as it came. We did not see greater patterns as we weaved the tapestry which became Our Life. It did not dawn on us to dream bigger or make different choices or sometimes that we even HAD choices. We just did what we needed to do to survive the day ahead of us.

As we face our 60th birthdays this year — My Person and I grow contemplative of Our Lives. Do we mourn Our Lost Dreams? Maybe a little. But within our conversation, a more important detail emerged.

Surprisingly — Our Lives are in truth — The Lives we wanted. We did the important stuff. For both of us — building our own family was a paramount Dream. All other Dreams paled in comparison to having hearth/home/children. Looking back on how well we did with that — in spite of what it might have cost us — we knew we would not have chosen anything other Path.

Our Ups and Downs and All Arounds we suffered to ensure the security and love for our kids — and now our grandkids — was worth every step on The Path which became Our Lives. Our own personal Dreams of accomplishments or fame were never really at the forefront of our existence.

In thinking about living a different life — but not having the gift of our families with us in Our Here & Now — well, that’s completely unacceptable. And that is how we both know — we have lived Our Lives. The Ones We Chose. The Life we were always meant to live.

Even if we could go back in a Magical Time Machine and get a re-do to find those Lost Bits of Dreams — we would not change a thing. The Universe provided for us the most cherished Dream of Dreams for us after all.

Sometimes you just need a very good Friend to help you see and understand what you already know. You are always right where you are meant to be. Our choices always bring us what we are meant to have in Our Lives. Our Hearts know more than we ever give them credit for.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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