With and without wings

Everyone loves the idea of a Guardian Angel. A watchful, guiding super-spirit that pulls your ass out of the flames when you do something really dumb. Or when fate throws you a seemingly insurmountable curveball. Think Ironman — my personal favorite superhero — with wings.

In my experience, I have found my savior spirits to come in all manner of shapes, sizes, species.

Many came to me supported by four legs and wet muzzles. Nickers and meows and happy yips lifted me up out of the dark pit of grief after my mother’s death.

Friends gathered me up and supported my family at the time of my daughter’s transplant. An entire community reached out and wrapped their arms around us.

All the Humans who triggered me, argued with me, pushed me to the next level of Life were the drill sergents of the bunch — never letting me settle. Shaking up my peace just enough for me to keep moving forward. Sometimes I didn’t know where I’d land — I just knew I had to leap. I learned to have faith in My Life.

The day I became a grandmother — a new spirit guide appeared. She and her sister guides showed me how vast and miraculous Life is. The future is why we exist in the first place. I understood — I had a duty to get my shit together — not for me or their mother or their aunt. For them. For their future. And their futures’ future.

More recently I have been blessed by the wisdom of an Owl, wrapped in a Pirate’s form. Just one of a half dozen Empaths who bless My Life and show me that Love isn’t scary at all. Humans can be honest, steadfast, and loyal. They can be worthy of trust.

And thanks to some yoga, some meditation, lots of gratitude and grace — I see them all.

My guides.

My Life has always been full of them. Spirits — events — circumstances to lead me to Real Ann. And even after I thought I had arrived — they remain. Chiming in, showing up, arranging serendipity according to Her plan. Keeping me protected, moving forward, open.

Sadly, I’ve yet to encounter one that looks anything like Robert Downey Jr. — but I’m still young. There’s plenty of time left for him to show up. Though, I might have already reached my super-spirit quotient.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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