The Gifts — Traditions

Christmas Tales Of Giving And Receiving

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What are The Things which make Christmas a holiday in your home? Or whatever Holi-day it is that you are celebrating this month? We all have our Traditions. We carry them with us from our childhoods, we incorporate our partner’s, we add new twists and logistics as children and grandchildren bless our Lives

But they are there.

In my house the list is nearly endless and when my children were small it was completely exhausting.

And worth every single iota of energy I poured into those Traditions to make Christmas. From the baking of certain cookies to the Feast of Seven Fishes. To the Real Christmas Tree and making an Advent Chain to count down the days till Santa’s Arrival to the bottle of chilled Asti shared by my ex and me after Santa’s departure. To lighting the luminaires that made our driveway resemble the landing strip at a local airport to the setting out of cookies, milk, and carrots for The Big Guy AND his reindeer. So many things.

Colored lights — not white. Wreaths on windows and doors. All presents wrapped. Even the tiny ones in the kids’ stockings. My mother’s 75+ year old manger scene carefully out and present each and every year — even though my belief in Christianity has given way to other beliefs — the Tradition of having My Mother’s belief present Christmas morning will never end.

Our Traditions are the Gifts we give our children — just as my mother is responsible for so many of the Traditions I hold in my heart that MAKE Christmas a Holi-day for me.

When I go to spend Christmas with my daughter’s family these days — I see a reflection of this gift. Paid forward. It is fascinating to see the Traditions she embraces and shares with my grandchildren. There are bits from my son-in-law’s childhood as well woven into yet another glorious cloak of Holi-day Magic. My grandchildren will carry these Traditions forward to their own families with time and weave yet their own versions.

But knowing that parts of my mother’s Christmas and pieces of my Christmas will live on through them is a Gift my heart takes enormous comfort in. The Magic and Love we spend in these days are sent out into a world to live on for untold generations.

A ripple — paid forward in time. Connecting all who came before with all who come after. Tradition does that. And no Traditions are more sacred than Holi-day Traditions.

May you find comfort and blessings remembering your Holi-day Traditions and all who gave them to you. May you find peace and joy watching them be carried forward by those who love you most.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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