The Gifts — The Ones You Don’t How You Lived Without

Christmas Tales Of Giving And Receiving

Every season there is The Gift. That one Gift — given or received which just nails it. The One. The Perfect Gift.

This Gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Or lavish. Or sparkly. Or come in a Bailey’s Box. Or any of the other things commercials will insist IT has to be.

The Gift you never saw coming is The One which touches your soul. It reaches into your heart and leaves a butterfly kiss just so. It is The Gift you didn’t know you wanted. The Gift is the item you needed which you never know you needed. The Gift is the thing you hold in your heart and you simply don’t understand how you ever managed without.

I have many of these Gifts, so carefully chosen, so thoughtfully given.

I have the perfect jewelry tree to hold all my everyday necklaces and earrings. It was picked out and given to me by my grandchildren. Made of wrought iron — it went into use the day I got it. I look at it every day. I remember they saw a need I had which I never knew I did. I don’t know how I’d even manage now without it. AND it reminds me of them. Every time I look at my dresser.

I have received scarves and shawls given to me by my BFF. She has exquisite taste. These are items I never would have picked for myself, yet when I put them on I feel beautiful and elegant. The colors flatter my skin tones and I feel Real Ann glow.

I have received teacups from My Person. She who has known me All My Life. She knows my love of tea and has sent me — more than one — fine china cups for to sip my tea from. Fine edged with matching saucers — they raise my daily cup of tea to an event. Her love for me and desire to provide me a special ‘Me Time’ gift makes me smile every day. Every. Day.

Every year my son in law gives me a calendar. It started with calendars of Italy — because I’ve always wanted to go there. But over the years it has morphed. The year I got a motorcycle — The Harley Davidson edition showed up. One year it was all tropical beaches. This year was glorious sunsets. But the calendar sits by my desk and I look at it every day. Over ten calendars into things now, it’s become more than just paper with pretty pictures on it. It’s a tradition of Love. It’s his Gift which tells me not only does he love me, but he sees me and accepts me.

When you look around at The Gifts you give this year — keep in mind it isn’t the price tag people care so much about. We always stress about how commercialized Christmas has become and how expensive it is. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Gifts which mean the most and are the most enduring often are not the most expensive.

My jewelry tree is a simple affair. Scarves and shawls come in all price ranges because it is more about the color and the print than the price. My teacups are antique treasures found at a second-hand shop. And while my calendar hardly breaks the bank — it is a Gift I look forward to opening every year.

And yet, these are The Gifts I think of when I think of The Perfect Gifts. Gifts I adore. Gifts I use every day. Gifts that I don’t know how I ever did without.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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