Christmas Tales Of Giving And Receiving

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Every year — everyone gets new PJs on Christmas Eve.

It’s a rule, a tradition, a necessity — call it what you will. IT. MUST. HAPPEN.

Ever since my grandchildren were babies, I’ve bought them Christmas Eve PJs. We went through All The Things.

Zip up fleece ones, two-piece Carter sets, nightgowns. We had some with Superhero capes. There were a few with tutus.

I got in trouble with Mommy that one year because I got the Middle Magical Creature a pair that said “Dear Santa, I can explain…” And even though it was entirely appropriate — Mommy wasn’t amused. However, Middle Magical Creature completely LOVED the tutu it came with and was way too young to read the writing. So I was forgiven.

PJs are one of the best gifts I have ever given to anyone. In fact, I give them to Mommy and Daddy also.

As I sit here typing this, I’m sitting in PJs I got as a gift a few Christmas’ ago. So There. PJs — especially if you don’t plan to outgrow them — are really a super gift.

The warm coziness of wrapping yourself up in a gift of Love. Tucking it around yourself as you drift off to sleep. Laughing at the silly saying on the front every time you look at yourself in a mirror. Slipping into them at the end of a brutal day and just having permission to “Be”. Insert warm cocoa here.

Truly PJs are the Security Blankets we take with us into adulthood. Linus lives on in every human on the planet.

What better gift to give or to receive than Security for your inner child? The warm fuzzy factor of PJs cannot be overstated and should never be undervalued. They are a vital piece of Christmas — Past, Present, and Future.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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