The Gifts — Hand Made

Christmas Tales Of Giving And Receiving

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Some of my most treasured Christmas (and other gifts) are ones people have made for me with their own hands. Not store bought. Not Amazon ordered & Prime shipped. Hand. Made.

If you read my other Christmas Tales you’d know my older daughter has been making me ornaments for literally decades. She started her freshman year in college twenty Christmases ago. I treasure them all.

My cousin/sister/friend knits socks. Not just any socks. When you are gifted with a pair of Carol Socks — you are BLESSED. Ask anyone who has received them in my family. They are the most coveted gift of all! I am fortunate — loved — enough to have THREE pairs. They are beautiful, warm, and most of all — magic. Woven with Love.

My younger daughter also made me ornaments. When she was in pre-school and kindergarten. They hang front and center on my tree every year. She is thirty-five this year. Her children come to my home and gently touch this bit of history which transforms their Mommy into My Little Girl as The Time Machine rolls back the decades and I tell them the stories of how these ornaments came to be. My daughter smiles along with me at the memory of It All.

I love tea. And years ago — in her ceramics class, my sister made me a teapot. It has a tiny little cup which serves as a top. It all tucks up nice and neat as you please. She has given me plenty of gifts, but the fact that she made this specifically for me gives it High Holy status.

I could go on. My home is filled with wonderful gifts of Heart And Hands. Soul And Spirit shared freely by Those Who Love Me. Simple treasures — in truth. Certainly nothing of significant financial value. However, these gifts have been gently wrapped, moved, and carried with me — close to my heart — forever.

When you receive a Hand Made gift, you can feel the touch of the maker through the gift. It’s not just a gift you receive, it’s a bit of another human’s story.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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