Christmas Tales Of Giving And Receiving

Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

Giving the gift of food is hardwired into humanity. Think of all the times we have given food to others.

We donate food nearly constantly to Food Banks to feed anyone who is unable to feed themselves.

Mothers nearly force feed any and everyone who darkens their doorstep — at least in my family. We’re Italian but I know of Jewish, Irish, and many other mothers of many other customs whose goal in life is to fill every stomach they encounter.

We reward children with food. Tell me I’m lying here? My kids got boxes of Animal Crackers Every. Single. Trip. to the grocery store to ensure they did not go postal on me. And it worked.

We even buy our pets ‘treats’. There is an entire industry out there catering to this. Including homemade, organic, handmade treats. Bakeries, if you will, for critters.

In my world, at Christmas, I bake cookies. It’s the only time of the year I do this. If you want my cookies you have to wait till December. But the people who receive them tell me it’s worth it. I’m a damn good baker.

Each of my kids have their favorites and my son-in-law gets a whole batch of his favorite all to himself which he doesn’t have to share with anyone. Every single cookie is created with Love. The secret ingredient.

My time, my ingredients, my recipes — some of them over 70 years old, and Love. They all go into the making of The Cookies. Then I package them up and send them out.

I also have received homemade goodies. Goodies baked with that same Magic. When I worked as a transplant coordinator one of the doctors would bring us all in rolls. Magic rolls in a small pan — 6 to the pan. His wife made these rolls. And they were beyond delicious. He would help her and they would turn out Goddess only knows how many pans of these things. Because he gave them to everyone. All the nurses, all the coordinators, all the secretaries — everyone. And we looked forward to their arrival every year.

Food. Sustanence. What we know on an instinctual level every human needs to survive. So we take the time, we mix the ingredients, we add the Love. And then we gift the end product to each other with the unstated message — LIVE.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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