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Tales Of Christmas Giving And Receiving

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Some of the most wonderful Gifts I receive each Christmas are not things at all — they are Experiences.

A vacation, (yes — I can ski), massages, manicures, pedicures, tickets to a show or concert — or best of all — a HOCKEY GAME!

I remember the very first Gift of ‘Experiences’ I got. My kids were very young. One of them gave me a Book Of Coupons. I could cash them in for all sorts of things — from her doing the dishes for me to having my feet rubbed. The Book Of Coupons was a big hit that Christmas and made regular appearances for various holidays. Even their dad got into the spirit.

I loved it. Every single thing about it.

These days my Gifts Of Experiences are a bit more high end than help with household tasks, but I still love to receive them. I love Experiences.

A gift card to a favorite restaurant, or some yoga classes — the ever popular mani-pedi (maybe even with company! Gal-Pal Date Time!) — An I.O.U. for Sunday Brunch — a booklet of movie passes — my list could go on and on.

The Experiences are even better when the giver comes along for the ride. Then the Gift includes that other bit of Magic — the Gift of Time as well. A doubled down Present of Presence.

When you look at your Christmas Gift giving list this season — know that you don’t have to fill your loved one’s homes with more ‘stuff’ to prove to them how much they mean to you. Think about giving the people you love unique and precious Gifts they will carry in their hearts— not store in their closets.

Never believe a Gift needs to be a Thing. Often the best Gifts are unwrappable. Love hardly ever can be contained in a box.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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