Photo by Alex Perez on Unsplash

As of today, I’m on vacation. For a whole ten days I have Me Time. It’s Summer Break — remember those days? Last day of school and we didn’t have to go back till fall. Even those of us who loved school and our friends enjoyed the time away from the institutional smell of floor polish and used library books.

In a couple days, Life gets even better when I turn myself towards the shore and head to the beach to spend lazy days with The Magical Creatures and their parents. There will be sand castle building and naps and coloring and All. The. Things. that makes being with them the best part of Life.

Our Time together in this world is a gift. We have absolute control over how we decide to spend it. No, it’s true.

We can spend it miserably — living in a situation — be that a J.O.B, relationship, living arrangement — which doesn’t serve our highest potential. Or we can let The Universe steer our path to the place we are meant to be and use all our innate skills to their fullest potential. Thus spending Our Time in Generosity and Fulfillment.

We can be defensive — living completely closed down and protecting ourselves as others throw their poison spears at us repeatedly. Or we can open up and realize what a strong force field Love truly is. We can notice Real Love protects us from the pain which causes others to lash out. We can live open heartedly and interact from a place of compassion for every human, especially those who need it most. Thus spending Our Time in Love.

We can be afraid — living well within the confines of what and who we are told we are, never showing anyone our Real Selves. Or we can stop giving fucks about the reactions of others and follow our truths. Thus spending Our Time in Authenticity.

We can be despondent — living in the past or mourning our losses and missteps completely blind to opportunities in the present moment. Or we can look up and see what is right in front of us, begging to be experienced. Thus spending Our Time in Joy.

We have a choice on how we spend this Gift Of Time. It really isn’t all that complicated. Just choose. Everyday. Today I chose Generosity, Fulfillment, Love, Authenticity, and Joy.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned