What if?

Photo by Nikola Jovanovic on Unsplash

They were right to be afraid. All these years. The Men. It was as if they had foreseen The Epidemic. Nature is cruel in Her Justice and surely they must have known — She would never let their sins go unpunished.

It started slowly at first. Subtlely. Congenital anomalies in a certain population but still under the radar of most researchers. By the time they were paying attention, it was too late. The Y chromosomes in nearly every fertile male had been affected. No male child was surviving to birth.

The researchers looked long and hard for the causes — for the antidotes — for a cure. The chemicals corporations had spued into the environment was thought to be the cause. First world populations suffered in greater numbers than more remote areas. However, Earth is a single organism. She digested all the poison The Humans had poured into Her and shared it equally amongst Her streams, rivers, oceans, air, and land. The subtle toxicity didn’t kill, didn’t maim, didn’t even harm female fetuses. Nor did it affect any other creature.

Only Humans. And only Human fetuses with Y chromosomes.

The Earth had taken matters into Her Own Hands.

Women wailed and mourned their lost sons. They blamed their fathers and their father’s fathers for the careless way they had stewarded The Planet. The remaining men slowly began to understand they were about to become extinct.

Would History even remember them? Or would they be painted as villains who engineered their own demise?

Perhaps Women — who knew how to grow Life — who knew how to Protect Life — who knew how to create Life — might find a way to utilize sperm banks and produce a future generation of men who were not damaged by the toxic environment. Or perhaps in a generation or so — The Earth might have lowered contamination levels down to the point where those fragile Y chromosomes would survive. In time. Perhaps.

But would they? Even if they could? It was all in their hands now.

But for today — Karma had come to collect Her due. The Earth would not kill the men who tried to kill Her — however — She would tolerate no more of their kind.

The Time Of Man had come to an end.

The Future Was Female. The Earth has spoken.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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