The first rule of teaching anything — it must be a two-way interaction. You cannot teach what another is not ready to ‘learn’. So…in many ways ‘teacher’ depends heavily on ‘learner’ to even begin ANY relationship. (says a veteran of precepting more graduate nurses than I care to count!)

As with raising children — the greatest lesson I was ‘taught’ is that Humans will learn the most by the way you walk upon The Earth, the way you live Your Life. Words are meaningless and can be twisted and misinterpreted.

Oddly enough — when you ‘become’ authentic, and focus on living your own life in Her Truth — you become a ‘teacher’ unconsciously to Humans you may never even meet.

The beauty and wisdom of The Divine is vast. ❤

Thank you for such a beautiful reminder of the true source of All. The. Things.❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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