The Farm House, The Woman, And The Gift

Photo by James Garcia on Unsplash

I walked up the driveway slowly. I recognized the farm house, with its wide front porch — and yes, there it was…an old fashioned porch swing. Of course she would have a porch swing. There were flowers planted every where I looked. Annuals and perinnials. Their colors were vibrant and their names floated through my memory like long lost friends. Too many to name — they overwhelmed me and beckoned me closer.

I stepped on the porch steps. They creaked under my weight. Wind chimes on the porch filled the air with their magic as I knocked on the door. She opened it with a smile. Warm — open — welcoming. It always was her best feature.

I looked at her face, still the same after all these years, a bit more crinkles around her eyes, her hair longer and wilder perhaps. But mostly — I could still see the young woman shine through. The thought gave me immense pleasure as I took in all the rest of her and embraced her. I remember now too — she always gave the best hugs. Everyone said so.

We walked together to the parlor and had some green tea with honey — that must have been the secret to her longevity. I made a mental note. And we chatted about things that didn’t matter, until at last it was time for me to go.

As I stood to leave I asked her how she came to be in this place after all? She answered she had spent time with her girls and they had brought her health and love. I looked around and noted she seemed to live alone — no partner, no roommates, no pets any where to be seen. Solitude becomes her. Her home was tidy, peaceful, with an air of contented joy permeating every thing. Happiness hung like incense in the air.

She stopped me at the door and handed me a gift. When I looked into my hands I saw she had given me the most precious and sought after thing in The Universe — as I opened my hands there laying in my palms was Peace. I looked up at her and smiled. She explained, “My dear— you have had it all along.” And quietly closed the door as she smiled back.

I turned and walked away down the steps, to the driveway, and back down the road. I thought to myself — I’m so glad she kept the purple hair.




Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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